Photography by Artist Therese Carey will be on exhibit at POPUPART on Lake Street.  October 29, 2011.  Don't miss this.

BIO:  Growing up, Ms. Carey’s father was an avid photographer.  Uncomfortable being the subject, she quickly mastered her father’s camera and began to explore life through the lense.   Ms. Cary continued to develop her photography skills over the years that followed, attending classes at both the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago.  In 2007, Therese moved to Miller Beach to be closer to the natural beauty of the dunes.  She regularly spends the early morning hours of her weekends meditating through her camera lense.
STATEMENT:  Photography has taught me to be visually alert.  It has been a source of meditation, requiring me to clear my mind in order to focus on the simple beauty that surrounds me daily.  My most successful images are ones that evoke the peace I feel at the moment that I’m seeing through the lense and activating the shutter. 

Website:  twisi.me
Email address:  twisi.me@gmail.com

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